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Pistacchio Question

February 8, 2011


Can anyone tell me if pistacchios grow in the Canberra region (I live in Murrumbateman) and if so what type of environment they like ie soil, sunny/shade etc. I have read that they like cold winters and hot summers (which I thought sounded like us!) but hadn’t heard of anyone growing them. Also where is the best place to get them?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Rachel Says:

    I have been told that they are perfect for Canberra’s climate but almost impossible to buy.

    If anyone does know where to source pistachio trees in the ACT, I would also be very interested in buying one.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Sorry – forgot to add my name was Rebecca!

    Thanks for responding Rachel.

    My kids and hubby adore them and I thought I would plant a couple but have never seen any in stores. I might have a look on the net and try there unless anyone knows of where I could source them locally (which is preferable).

  3. richard Says:

    I really doubt the plant would grow or fruit. This professional pistachio page says they need desert-like conditions. No rain in summer or autumn, and more than 600 hours above 30 degrees C.

  4. Eliza Says:

    A chap (Mr Valli) from Cootamundra had been bringing pistachio nuts to sell at the Trash & Treasure the past few years. Check him out first Sunday each month from May to August. He may perhaps be able to tell you conditions of cultivation etc.

  5. robyn Says:

    Hi I bought mine at the Farmer’s Markets Epic. The Farmer’s Markets are great for fruit trees at a reasonable price. You need two – a male and a female. They produced nuts and are doing well. They like dry conditions so are good for Canberra. They also display really attractive autumn leaves. Here is a photo of my trees and their nuts:

  6. Lily Says:

    Thanks Robyn for the pictures. An year old pistachio trees look good. I have not seen these in the Epic Market. Is there a particular time of the year they bring them in. I love pistachioes and hope to be able to plant them. Also Eliza mentioned that Mr Valli from Cootamundra brings pistachio nuts in the trash and treasure market. Could some one tell me which trash and treasure. I think there are a few here in the ACT.

  7. robyn Says:

    Ive seen them for sale during the winter period at the farmers markets.

  8. Louise Says:

    Lily, Mr Valli from Cootamundra sells his pistachio nuts at the Jamison Centre, Trash and Treasure Rotary Market that is held every Sunday. His pistachio nuts are the most delicious I have ever tasted. Best of all they are fresh and unsalted.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Hi All,

    We ended up getting some delivered from Sunraysia Nurseries over on the NSW/VIC border. Postage was a bit $$ but cheaper if you by in lots of 6. Robyn – I can’t believe you have fruit already as I have read they take 7 years! Good to know that it might be sooner than expected! I have 3 F and 1 M so heres hoping we get some soon!

    Happy growing!

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